Nursing Homes Fargo Nd

Article provided by: The Meadows on University

Nursing Homes Fargo Nd

The Meadows on University is one of the finest nursing homes in Fargo, ND. We specialize in offering seniors the best-skilled nursing services at affordable prices. Our facility has the best medical and nursing staff on board to cater to the unique needs of our guests and residents.

What services does a nursing home provide?

Nursing homes offer an extensive range of services to patients with disabilities, individuals recovering from an injury or surgery, and seniors. Residents and guests at these facilities receive assistance in performing their everyday activities like eating, getting dressed, bathing, etc. and also receive skilled nursing care in the form of therapies, wound care, and other medical treatments.

We are one of the most successful nursing homes in Fargo, ND, to offer 24/7 medical supervision and emergency care services. Besides, they also provide food, lodging, medication management, personal care, social and emotional support, and engage their residents in an array of life-enriching recreational activities.

Types of nursing care for seniors

Seniors require extra care, support, and access to medical assistance at times. There are several living arrangements and housing options with varying levels of care for older adults to lead a healthy and fulfilling retirement life. Assisted Living Program (ALP) offers seniors with assistance in performing their daily activities, but its residents do not have access to 24-hour care.

A continuing care retirement community encompasses both assisted living as well as skilled nursing facilities and residents’ transition from one level of care to another based on their physical, mental, and medical needs. Lastly, nursing homes offer 24/7 care and support to their residents, and patients receive specialized care from trained clinical staff and medical professionals. 

Benefits of occupational therapy for elders

Occupational therapy includes a mixture of exercises for the mind and body to help seniors overcome their challenges in performing day to day activities. OT interventions help individuals of all ages with disabilities, psychiatric issues, physical injuries, and the elderly lead a better quality of life. Some of the benefits of OT for the seniors include:

  • Helps overcome arthritis - Occupational therapists will train seniors on how to carry on their day to day activities with ease. The training largely revolves around how to use the hands differently, the ideal position to sit, rest, and sleep, etc. 
  • Improves range of motion - Seniors receive training on how to perform certain exercises that improves their range of motion, minimizes pain, and muscle stiffness. It is extremely beneficial for seniors, as most of the older adults suffer from worn out ligaments, knee pain, and stiff joints.
  • Improves cognitive abilities - As the brain cells deteriorate with aging, most seniors suffer from issues like dementia, memory loss, and forgetfulness. OT exercises sharpen an individual's memory and cognitive skills and help to regain memory in patients suffering from the loss of memory.

Speak to one of us at The Meadows on University today for more details on our range of services and amenities. We are one of the few nursing homes in Fargo, ND, to offer phenomenal care and medical support.

Nursing Homes Fargo Nd
The Meadows on University
1315 South University Drive
Fargo ND 58103 US

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Dr. Staples found the perfect place to start his practice when he first saw Mission Viejo. A native Californian, he wanted to find a community that catered to his vision of both his work and family life. His dream was to raise his family in a town that provided a safe, friendly environment with good schools and healthy family values.

Since moving to Mission Viejo in 1976, Dr. Staples has been a figure in Mission Viejo both personally and professionally. With his wife, Durenda, they raised 3 children and experienced many years of community interaction and support. From Little League to club soccer, high school football and gymnastics, Dr. Staples has been an active parent in nearly all sporting organizations that are available in Mission Viejo. And now that his children are grown, Dr. Staples is committed to staying involved in the community by professionally sponsoring many local teams and schools. Dr. Staples has participated in other things such as the Elk’s Club, Charity Events, Food Drives and in-classroom dental education at many local elementary schools. Dr. Staples also spent many years as an active member of an a cappella singing group that performed at numerous churches, local civic events and social outreach programs.

Aside from his personal endeavors, Dr. Staples’ educational and professional background is substantial. A graduate of Whittier College, Loyola University School of Dentistry and the USC Orthodontic Department, Dr. Staples considers educational curiosity to be the hallmark of a professional’s life. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, which is the highest level of professional achievement for diagnostic abilities and treatment skills. He is also a former clinical professor for the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Orthodontic Department and the inventor of an innovative orthodontic expansion device that is used in orthodontic offices worldwide. He reads every piece of dental and orthodontic literature that he can find, and continually takes advanced, specialized courses that involve the latest breakthroughs in the profession.

Over the years, Dr. Staples’ professional and personal involvement in Mission Viejo has brought smiles to many faces you see every day. With everything he has done, Dr. Staples has never veered from his initial dream to provide honest, exceptional orthodontic care to his community.

Since establishing himself as one of the first orthodontists in Mission Viejo, Dr. Staples has had a commitment to provide his patients with the highest quality of orthodontic treatment in a supportive, caring way. He uses the latest technology along with proven orthodontic solutions and recommends them based on his patients’ individual needs. High-tech orthodontic systems can be seen in his use of self-ligating brackets, like the Damon System, Invisalign treatment, temporary anchorage devices, digital orthodontic systems, and more.

In addition to practicing orthodontics, Dr. Staples is the Program Director and tenured instructor for South Coast Dental Institute, a vocational school that is involved with dental education.